Have Breakfast in an Old Train Station in Granville

Station in Granville combines two of my favorite things: breakfast and trains!

Traveling home from an overnight at the Old Pines treehouse at The Mohicans, we detoured through Granville for breakfast at Station. The new-ish cafe makes its home in the old Granville train station. The rail lines long ago were converted to bike paths, so nowadays it’s a handy little spot reachable by bike or car, just south of the main street in Granville.

Station features counter service, with a small bar facing the coffee counter and seats inside, plus a huge patio out front.

The baked goods go above and beyond the standard offerings. Yes, there are bagels and muffins, but we also spotted conchas, cardamom knots, bourbon pumpkin bars.

Coffee comes from Brioso Coffee. We can attest that Station whips up a terrific cortado and cappuccino.

The bourbon pumpkin bar takes all the best things about pumpkin pie and gives it the lovely warming touch of bourbon.

The menu covers 8-9 main dishes, primarily sandwiches, plus a collection of salads and sides. In addition to the full coffee bar, they serve a small selection of beer, wine, and cocktails like mimosas and a peach bellini.

The Bodega breakfast sandwich features folded egg, Black Radish Creamery cheddar, and caramelized onion with “Station sauce” on an “E’ryday Roll.” Wonderfully composed, made even better by adding the thick cut bacon.

Even better was the Potato Bowl: fried red potatoes, egg, seasonal vegetables, arugula, pimento cheese, pickled sweet peppers, all brought together by a roasted red pepper pesto.

The colder weather means less patio time, so do expect that the dining room will fill up quickly.

The first snowfall of the year hit just as we arrived, which enhanced the experience: sipping coffee and eating breakfast from a cozy renovated train station, watching the big flakes drift down.

Even aside from the charming setting, Station does a lot to endear itself. Friendly service, great coffee, and a menu that elevates the classics while still remaining approachable.

Next time we visit, it’ll be by bike!

425 S. Main St.
Granville, OH 43023
(740) 920-4275
IG: @station_granville

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