Our Go-To Indian Spot is Everest Cuisine

We love our Indian restaurants around greater Columbus, and one of our favorites happens to be very close to home: Everest Cuisine in Old Worthington. Everest features Indian, Tibetan, and Nepali dishes, and it’s been our go-to whether its a quick lunch, big family dinner, or carryout.

Everest sits in the small plaza on the northeast corner of High Street and New England, right in the center of the Worthington historic district. There’s a small parking lot out front, street parking, and a pair a big city lots just a block away.

We’ve had several large family dinners at Everest, so I can say confidently that they’re great for big groups.

There are plenty of hits on Everest’s expansive menu. The Kathmandu platter combines chicken choila (a boneless, marinated chicken) with chiura (beaten rice), sadheko aaloo (marinated potatoes), and bhatamas sadheko (marinated soybeans). It’s a wonderful combination of flavors and textures.

The samosa chaat mixes samosas on a bed of mint, tamarind, yogurt, raita, and cilantro.

Of the Nepali specials, we love the jhol momo with chicken: tender dumplings in a heat-driven sauce.

When dining in, especially for a quick lunch, one of us often orders the thali. This is a platter containing small bowls with multiple items – perfect for the person who wants a little bite of everything.

These Nepali features include rice, vegetables, papad (crispy lentil wafers), achar (spicy pickles), salad, raita or yogurt, a couple curries (you can choose veggie or meat), and a dessert like warm and honey-soaked gulab jamun.

When ordering with groups, we usually start with a plate (or two) of the Everest platter.

It’s a sampling of their fried appetizers: samosas and pakoras – spicy fritters with vegetables, chicken, or paneer (a soft, white cheese).

Everest’s menu is vast, but over the years we’ve developed several favorites.

In general, you can’t go wrong with:

  • chicken tikka masala
  • palak paneer (spinach and white cheese)
  • baingan bharta (roasted eggplant)
  • navaratan korma (creamy dish with cashews)
  • tandoori chicken (grilled in a tandori oven)
  • lamb rogan josh

We typically order it all medium – that’s the 3 out of 5 spice level that’s pleased both kids and adults.

And we’ve found it all translates well to carryout! We’ve had many-a joyous Everest feast at home.

Of course, don’t forget to order loads of naan. We’re partial to the garlic naan, although the aloo paratha (stuffed with potatoes and peas) is worth a try as well.

The owner Sandeep Singh and his whole crew are very welcoming.

And while their lunch buffet is currently on hiatus, we’re eagerly awaiting its return someday!

Everest Cuisine
652 High St.
Worthington, OH 43085
(614) 601-6004
Find them on Facebook, @cuisineeverest on Instagram, and @everestcuisinecolumbus on TikTok

If you’re curious about this type of food, read more about NeeHee’s Vegetarian Indian Street Food.

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