Sundaes and Cones at Little Ladies Soft Serve’s Westerville Shop

Ever since we discovered Little Ladies Soft Serve’s colorful food truck a couple summers back, we’ve been solidly convinced that they dish up some of the best ice cream in Columbus. The truck’s schedule had it appearing regularly throughout the city, and any time it got near us we calculated a route/made excuses and snuck over for a Mabel or an Aggie or a Margot.

The food truck still has the same charm, but now we can get Little Ladies any time of the year at their shop in Westerville right off Polaris Parkway!

They opened last November in a narrow shop front that was previously an ice cream parlor. The shop sits in a small strip at the corner of Polaris Parkway and Worthington Road, just down from The Original Pancake House’s Westerville store.

The long space features a big counter…

…plus seating in the front, partly along the sides, and even in the back.

The expanded digs allowed them to grow their menu, too!

So you’ll find all the sundaes with the cute names like Luella and Thelma and Bernadette and Dorothy. Each one has its own personality. My favorite is the Aggie: crushed puppy chow, mini buckeyes, hot fudge, and peanut butter sauce (with vanilla ice cream).

So what’s new at the shop?

  • More soft serve flavors: vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry, vanilla-strawberry twist, vanilla-chocolate twist.
  • Dairy-free vanilla!
  • An expanded sundae selection, including some seasonal favorites that have a permanent home.
  • Sundae flights! Get three mini versions of your favorite sundaes.

The new shop features a colorful cartoon mural created by illustrator and podcaster Andy J. Pizza.

And all our favorites! Will loves the Mabel: vanilla in a cone with sprinkles.

Here’s my Aggie. Very Ohio with the chocolate/peanut butter combo and very Midwestern with the puppy chow.

Owen always gets the Margot with chocolate soft serve and hot fudge. It’s a chocolate-lover’s delight.

And there’s reason to return every month for the specials, like this chocolate cookie-centric masterpiece.

Or this recreation of Girl Scout Samoas.

Little Ladies’ shop won’t stop us from tracking down the truck, but having the brick and mortar location year-round means we can always fill our craving for the best soft serve in Columbus.

Little Ladies Soft Service
673 Worthington Rd.
Westerville, OH 43082
(740) 739-3230
Open Tues-Sat, 12-9p; Sun 1-9p
Catch them on Facebook and @littleladiessoftserve on Instagram

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