The Best Way to Celebrate the Buckeyes is with Buckeye

Let’s cut to the chase: Buckeye Donuts is one of our happy places. It’s our go-to for great donuts, it’s the standard stop for birthdays, we take every out-of-town visitor there, they were the ride-or-die for my breakfast tours, and the whole crew has grown to mean so much to us over the years.

On top of all that: they genuinely make some of the best donuts in Columbus. And with the return of fall, football season, and students to campus, now’s a great time to remind ourselves to support this family-run shop, going strong since 1969.

Important details to know about Buckeye Donuts:

  • It’s been run by the Barouxis family since it first opened. Jimmy is the third generation to operate it.
  • They’re open 24/7, 365 days a year. Any holiday, any time of night, any weather – you’ll find the neon sign lit and fresh donuts inside.
  • In addition to donuts and coffee, they serve breakfast and lunch: breakfast sandwiches, chicken tenders, gyros, fries, even salads.

Every donut has its own cheering section, but some of our favorites:

  • The signature buckeye donut
  • Chocolate longjohns
  • Red velvet with cream cheese icing
  • Custard-filled, chocolate-frosted yeast donuts
  • The German chocolate with frosting and sprinkles
  • Apple fritters
  • The maple bacon longjohn
  • And you can’t beat a simple glazed yeast donut fresh out of the fryer. It’s magic. (Pro-tip: the bowties are a good deal, two yeast donuts twisted together.)

The breakfast and gyros are good, too!


What makes Buckeye Donuts so good? They have a long-time dedicated crew that still makes everything BY HAND. They’re rolled, cut, fried, glazed, filled, all by hand. You honestly can taste the difference.

Here’s one minute of Yanni making donuts. He’s been working for Buckeye Donuts since 1977.

Buckeye Donuts is obviously terrific for groups. They’re good for any celebration: birthdays… anniversaries… any random Monday.

When I led regular breakfast tours for Columbus Food Adventures, Buckeye Donuts was hands-down the favorite stop.

Guests would crowd into the back room to see donuts being made and hear stories from the shop. With over 50 years in business, you’d better believe they have some stories to tell.

Our boys always ask for Buckeye Donuts for their birthdays. Even during the pandemic, nothing would stop us from getting our fix.

We can’t thank Jimmy, Toula, Eric, Jason, and the whole Buckeye Donuts crew for their hospitality over the years. They make terrific donuts, but even more so they’ve provided a welcoming place that’s been home to generations of students, visitors, and residents over the past 53 years.

Buckeye Donuts
1998 N. High St.
Columbus, OH 43201
(614) 291-3923
FB: @buckeyedonuts
T: @buckeyedonuts
IG: @buckeyedonuts
TikTok: @buckeyedonuts

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