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10 Fabulous Cocktails You Can Master At Home Delicious cocktails from all around the world you’ll want to make at home! FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM TIKTOK: @nextlevelbartending FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK: SUBSCRIBE TO VLAD SLICKBARTENDER: @slickbartender_ COOLEST CHANNEL ON YOUTUBE: Business/Colab Contact: EMAIl : #nextlevelbartending #cocktailrecipes View Original Source Here

Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength Batch 08

Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength Batch 08 | Cheers Penelope Bourbon has announced the launch of its Barrel Strength Batch 08. Penelope Bourbon Barrel Strength Batch 08 is 115.2 proof. This whiskey is blended from three bourbon mash bills aged 3.5 to 5 years in new American oak barrels, uncut and …
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Mai Tai | Party Punch | Party Cocktails

If you like a Mai Tai cocktail, then you will love this delicious summer party punch. This drink is the best large batch mai tai recipe. I make party punches for many of my parties because you can do everything before and guests can serve themselves. Mai Tai Punch Ingredients: …

The End of Gendering Wine

In traditional wine writing, education and marketing, gendered language has been used to describe everything from texture to geographical region to level of skin contact. Structured wines are masculine. Velvety wines, feminine. Rich, tannic Napa reds are for him, while satiny, pink Provençal rosé is for her. In Robert Parker’s …
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Cinco De Mayo Party Punch

Here’s the recipe: ere’s the recipe: CINCO DE MAYO PARTY PUNCH 6 cups Tequila 4 cups Coconut Tequila 2 cups Triple Sec 16 cups Lemonade/Pink Lemonade 4 cups Mango Pineapple Juice Small Watermelon Wedges Lemon Wheels Lime Wheels Orange Wheels Ruby Grapefruit Wheels Pineapple PREPARATION 1. Add fruits to base …

For Alex Negranza, the Old-Fashioned Invites Curiosity

Elijah Craig Bourbon’s annual Old-Fashioned Week returns for its second year supporting the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, October 15-24. Sign up your bar or restaurant to participate by featuring Elijah Craig Old-Fashioned riffs on your menu. Alex Negranza’s mindset about how cocktails are created radically changed around 2009. Now the …
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