High Desert Swizzle

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This fresh and fruity mezcal cocktail will help keep guest cool in the heat of summer.

High Desert Swizzle

Keyword Demerara syrup, lime, mezcal, strawberry shrub
  • 1 ½ parts Del Maguey Vida Single Village Mezcal
  • ¾ parts Freshly squeezed lime juice
  • ¾ parts Strawberry shrub
  • ¼ parts Demerara syrup
  • Combine mezcal, lime juice, shrub and syrup in a highball glass.

  • Fill glass two-thirds of the way with crushed ice.

  • Swizzle like you mean it so that the glass frosts up.

  • Add more crushed ice, rounding out the top.

  • Garnish with a lime wheel.

The mixologists at Del Maguey created this recipe.

View Original Source Here

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