Our 15 Favorite Easy Shaken Cocktails

There’s something about shaken cocktails—perhaps the vigorous nature of their creation, or the propensity for the whole thing to go flying in the process—that suggests they’re harder to make than their stirred or built counterparts. For this reason, when it comes time to mix up a drink at the end of a long day, we often find ourselves turning to the simplicity of a Negroni or a Calvados & Tonic. But whipping out the shaker offers the opportunity not only to add new dimension to a favorite amaro, it opens up the possibility of exploring entire genres of cocktails—from sours to cobblers—that are as easy to make as they are to drink. Some, like the Campari Shakerato, require no housemade ingredients at all, not even simple syrup. Here, 15 easy cocktail recipes that prove turning to the shaker is never a bad idea.

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