Smith & Wollensky Turns 45

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Steakhouse brand Smith & Wollensky is celebrating 45 years in business. The original Smith & Wollensky location opened in 1977 in New York City and has since become known for USDA Prime steaks, butchered and dry-aged on premise, acclaimed wine list, rich ambiance and exceptional service.

Smith & Wollensky now includes seven locations in the U.S.: Miami Beach; Chicago; Las Vegas; Columbus; and two restaurants in Boston, with international locations in London and Taipei. To commemorative the 45 anniversary, the brand is collaborating with Maker’s Mark on a Private Select Barrel bourbon.

The restaurant is also working with master craftsman Adam Simha from MKS Designs on creating custom steak knives. What’s more, Smith & Wollensky plans to expand within the next year by beefing up its presence in greater Boston, starting with a new Burlington, MA, unit, along with new locations in Washington D.C. and internationally.

Smith & Wollensky was acquired by Danu Partners in 2016; Danu launched Boston-based PPX Hospitality Brands in 2020 after buying the Strega Italiano restaurant concepts. PPX Hospitality Brands also purchased Legal Sea Foods in December 2020.

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