Best Beer Bum Chicken #3

Beer Bum Chicken is just so easy to cook…

Beer Bum Chicken aka Beer Can Chicken

In this case we used Cider, the French call this Coq in Cider

You will need;

  • 1 ready to roast chicken;
  • 1 bunch of thyme – simply remove the leaves off the woody stalks;
  • 1 big can of cider;
  • 2 squashed chili padi;
  • Some softened butter;
  • Sea salt and cracked black pepper;
  • 6 garlic cloves again squashed with the side of a knife; and
  • Some good quality Olive oil.

Off we go with Beer Bum Chicken;

  • Lift the breast skin up and create a sort of pocket on either side of the breast bone. Basically get your fingers in there and lift the skin away from the breast meat. It should be quite easy as that stuff is quite elastic before it is cooked;
  • In to these pockets you want to squeeze some of the soft butter and some of the thyme, as when the chicken roasts the butter will melt in to the breast meat making it juicy by also very flavourful with the thyme;
  • Then drizzle some oil all over the chicken, and rub the skin with salt and pepper;
  • Set aside;
  • Empty away about 1/3 of the can of cider and then pack in the remaining thyme, the chili, and the garlic in to the can;
  • Now to the funny part. Take a deep breath chicken. Stick the can up the bum of the chicken and then stand it upright on a roasting tray;
  • I have enclosed a picture of the poor little thing to show you that. Almost like the chicken is standing up;
  • You can also see how I have stuffed the butter and thyme in to the breast skin here.

Believe it or not that is it. How simple is that! That is Beer Bum Chicken.

  • Then bang your oven on 220 and stick this in for about 40 minutes;
  • Have a check around the 30 minute mark as you want the skin to be browning and getting crispy (use the a cold knife, and stick in to the thick part of the breast and place that on your top lip> If hot all the way through you are done).

Basically the secret here is that the cider starts to boil and as it does it starts to produce steam. Yes cider steam, how cool is that. The hot cider also picks up the flavours of the garlic, herbs and chili in the can. So what you are doing is steaming from the inside and roasting from the outside. That is why it cooks much quicker, you get amazing flavoured meat, and the moisture of the steam ensures you get beautiful succulent meat.

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