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Deep-Fried Foie Gras Recipe

Deep-Fried Foie Gras Recipe

An idea popped in my head one day when thinking of deep-fried Mars Bars that I have eaten in Scotland. For some reason, as I was thinking of deep-fried Mars Bars, I thought – “I know I’ll deep-fry foie gras…” And hence was born Deep-fried foie gras Recipe.

This is not your traditional French foie gras recipe.

You’ll see recipes for foie gras from Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay, but this is from Is Life A Recipe.

There are two sides to this dish, the small accompanying salad, and the hunk of deep-fried, heart-stopping, artery-clogging, umami goodness.

Step 1 – the salad

  • 3 finely sliced shallots
  • 1 bunch of finely sliced Spring onions
  • 3-4 sliced tomatoes
  • 3 finely sliced garlic cloves
  • And a good squirt of Japanese mayonnaise

In a pan add a little olive oil and bring to high heat. Fry off the shallots and garlic for 2 minutes and add in the tomatoes and Spring onions. Fry these off for only 2 minutes or so, as you want them to retain their shape and an element of crunch.

Plate this and drizzle a little Japanese mayonnaise over the top as in the picture.

Step 2 – the Foie

  • 1 piece of foie gras per person
  • 1 packet of tempura flour – sprinkle in a little sea salt and cracked black pepper to season it
  • 2 beaten eggs
  • 1 wok filled to about 4 inches with cooking oil for your frying
  • A slice each of toasted crusty bread

Pretty simple this;

  1. Take the foie from the fridge just before you are going to fry it
  2. Get two bowls – one for the eggs and one for the flour
  3. Take your slab of foie and dip it in the egg mix, making sure it is fully coated
  4. Then drop it in the seasoned flour, again making sure it is fully coated
  5. Once you have done this with all the pieces get that oil hot hot hot and drop them in one at a time
  6. Try not to fuss with them whilst frying as they may break up
  7. But you want to make sure they do not stick to each other. Just but be gentle
  8. When golden brown take a slotted spoon and carefully lift them on to a plate with some kitchen towel laid on it. Just to drain off the excess oil

You could also try a very basic recipe for foie gras which is seared foie gras with balsamic reduction. Literally, sear it until medium rare in a frying pan with some olive oil. Drizzle with some balsamic. Hey, presto.

Place your toast on a plate next to some of the salad, and then lay that Deep fried foie gras on top. Finished!!! Oh yeah baby you are so gonna love this dish. The flavour, the textures, the smells and even the look. It is awesome folks.


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