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10 Easy Christmas Desserts Recipes

10 super easy Homemade Christmas Dessert Recipes to be made at home: a collection of recipes by TasteMade, to help you in planning your Christmas recipes.

Have a look at these 10 Christmas baking and Christmas food ideas and plan your quick and easy festive treats this Christmas.

Featured recipes by TasteMade:
• Peppermint Ice Cream Christmas Pudding
• Gingerbread Christmas Cake
• Snow White Cupcakes
• Hot Chocolate Ornament Truffles
• White Christmas macarons
• Berry Christmas Tart
• Puff Pastry Christmas Tree with Nutella
• Whoopie Pies
• Candy Cane Cheesecake Bars
• Christmas Cookies Mix

More Christmas video recipes and recipes:
Died orange slices
Candied Orange Peel With Chocolate
Pretzels covered in chocolate
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