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2 Must Try Healthy Breakfast Dinner Recipes

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2 Must Try Healthy Breakfast Dinner Recipes

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Today, in this video we will learn how to make Kollu/ Horsegram dosa & idly and Ragi Roti Recipes.

Kollu Recipes:
Horsegram is one of the healthiest lentils than others. Its very rich in fiber and can help people with diabetes to a great extent.
Its very simple recipe where horsegram is soaked overnight and it’s prepared like normal dosa batter. Horsegram dosas & idly are very tasty & flavorful when to compared to normal dosa and they turn out very crispy.

This dosa & idly taste delicious when served with sambar and other chutneys like coconut, onion, brinjal etc..

Ragi Roti:
Ragi is a gluten free grain that belongs to the class of millets called as Finger millet. The high fiber in the grain keep us full and also helps in weight loss.

There are variations to do Ragi roti. Here I have made it healthy and tasty. First, sauté vegetables such as carrot, cabbage, potato and capsicum. Second, make a ragi dough out of it by boiling water along with the sauté vegetables in ratio of 1:1. This makes our dough very soft and easy to spread on any even surface. I have used banana leaf to spread the roti. We may also use foil, baking sheet or milk cover for the same purpose.

These roti are nutrient dense and keeps hunger pangs away. They are often eaten for breakfast or dinner along with any chutney of your choice.

Please check Aarachuvitta Sambar, Brinjal Chutney & Meal Maker Curry Recipe link below

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Chapters Added:

00:00 Introduction to the recipe.
01:09 1st Recipe : Kollu idli & dosa
How to prepare the batter?
02:18 How to grind rice & kollu using grinder?
03:00 How to ferment the batter?
03:45 How to steam idli & toast onion dosa?
05:38 Serving time for idli & dosa.
06:40 2nd Recipe : Ragi roti
How to prepare super soft dough?
09:35 How to knead the dough?
10:03 How to flat(with useful tip) & toast the roti?
11:35 Texture of the roti.
11:50 Serving time for ragi roti.
12:05 End of the recipes.

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