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3 QUICK and EASY high protein lunches! All with macros and calories. A full list of ingredients for each recipe is below. I hope you enjoy this video xx

Air fryer chicken & halloumi burrito – 477 calories (42.8g C, 13.6g F, 45.2g P)

– 130g raw chicken breast
– 30g lighter halloumi cheese
– Fresh coriander
– 1 TSP Cajun seasoning
– 40g Lemon & herb rice (or similar)
– 1/4 Red pepper
– 1 TSP Salsa
– 1 TSP Sour cream
– 10g Tortilla chips
– 1 x Wrap

Pulled BBQ chicken quesadillas – 430 kcal (45.9g C, 9g F, 41.9g P)

– Wrap
– 30g BBQ sauce
– 1 tsp BBQ seasoning
– 130g raw chicken breast
– 20g grated mozzarella
– 1/4 red onion
– 1/2 red pepper

Chicken & new potato salad bowl – 339 kcal (34g C, 6.2g F, 37.1g P)

– 150g New potatoes
– 130g raw chicken breast
– 1 tsp paprika
– 1 tsp Oregano
– Lettuce
– Cucumber
– 1/4 red pepper
– 30g Garlic & herb cream cheese
– 25g croutons

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