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4 SUPER EASY Hot Drinks for Chilly Winters (You’ll LOVE

The season of drinking hot beverages is here – it’s winter! It’s my favourite season as the weather is nice and chilly here in Mumbai. Winter is also the perfect season to indulge in some beverages that keep you warm and cosy. The 4 hot beverages that I’m gonna talk about here are my personal favourites and I love making them.

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People who know me, know that I love Tea/Chai. The classic masala chai is one beverage that I absolutely love. But when I came across Tandoori Chai, I knew I had to try it out because the idea seems amazing. The earthiness of the kulhad gives your Tandoori Chai that unique taste and makes it different from all other tea recipes that you’ll ever come across. This winters, I’m surely going to drink them piping hot and curl up and read a book. In a kulhad, of course!

Badam Milk is my childhood favourite. I remember having it as a kid and loving every sip of it. The richness of dry fruits such as Almonds, Pistachio, and Cashews add to the nutrient quotient of this drink and it gives you the much-needed warmth during winters. It’s a versatile drink and you can also have it chilled, but that’s for summers.

Cappuccino is one drink that is loved by a huge majority all over the world. The classic coffee drink is best had with a cookie by the side while you’re holding the warm cup with both hands. While you’ve always had it in cafes such as Starbucks, Di Bella, Cafe Coffee Day, etc, but did you know you can also make them at home with no compromise on the taste and texture? Yes, and it’s really easy to make. Do try it these winters and I am sure you’ll love the entire experience of making it and then having it.

Last but not least is the classic Hot Chocolate that everyone in the family loves to have! It’s thick, it’s creamy, and delicious to another level. This is one hot drink that I’m sure every one – from kids to oldies – will love to sip on during the winter season.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and make these yummy hot drinks and I’m sure you’ll love your winter experience even more. Remember, this season only lasts for 3 months, so make the best of it!

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