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Chef Ed joins Jason to create a scrumptious meal of grilled lamb chops. Easy recipe.

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So we got our beautiful lamb chops, the thing we gotta do is make them taste a little bit better. Some kosher salt, some pepper, followed by a little bit of fresh chopped rosemary, garlic, a little bit of lemon juice, and olive oil. Let’s start with our rosemary. What we’re going to do is just get the rosemary off the stem. Pull it right off this way. All that wood type stuff you don’t want in your food. Just chop this up, so again you can do a rocking motion with your knife. It doesn’t have to be too fine, you want it a little bit coarse, so that probably looks pretty good. Yeah. Okay, so once again we got some garlic. Yep. So we’ll smash the garlic. Smash. Smash it. You know we can leave these ends on because most of this marinade is going to fall off. Okay, so that looks pretty good. That’s a little happy bowl. And so now we got one lemon, and I like to roll out the lemon just to kind of liberate the juices inside.
I’m alive. I’m liberated. That’s right. So we have pretty much all our ingredients ready to go. You want to give me a hand. Sure. And why don’t you salt and pepper these bad boys. All right. Yeah, I like kosher salt definitely has a little bit more thickness to it. You want to the other side too or what are we doing? Yeah, let’s go ahead with some black pepper first. Oh we doing [inaudible 00:01:12], okay there we go. I didn’t know if you yours was one of those automatic ones you got. Oh no. You gotta push the button ’cause you’re too lazy. That takes the fun out of it. Oh my arm hurts. Yeah, we’ll turn these over and do the same thing. All right. If you can help me salt and pepper again. Yep, I sure will. Okay. Kosher salt you can actually go a little bit more liberal then table salt because they’re bigger granules of salt, but not as much sodium if that makes sense. Just a little bit of salt and pepper. Those are the staples you should be putting in almost everything you cook. You gotta season your food. All right, so you want a little bit of oil on this? Yeah you can go ahead and drizzle pretty liberally, it’s going to get the marinade into the meat as well as providing some oil for them to grill.
I think those are nice and happy right there.
Yeah it looks great. So now I’m going to squeeze some juice of one lemon over it, just holding the seeds back. Ahh you don’t have one of those little juicers, huh? But he’s got good strainer hands.
Yeah, that’s right. His hands are good with straining. This is how I press my olive oil. That’s it, right there. Go ahead and add the rosemary. All right. Make this sucker nice and yummy. Then we’re going to toss all this. Oh we’re going to toss it all right. Now I’m just going to throw all this garlic on here. Now what are you going to do Ed? Now it’s when you get your hands dirty. All right.
Let’s go, let’s do it. Get in there and just rub it in around. This little choppy chop. Yeah. That’s it and these guys just going to sit in the fridge for a little while. That’s going to taste good.
All right, so I see you got your meat and you got a little bowl of oil or something like that. Yeah, and this is just simply a vegetable oil.
Oh okay. What you want to do is just dip it in here with your tongs. You gotta be careful of flareups obviously. And then you just want to kind of go up and down your grates. Get some nice shiny surface here. What that does is essentially creates almost like a Teflon coating. So we’ll close the grill, and we’ll set this right over there.

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