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Daiquiri Cocktail Recipes Through History

It’s Cocktail History Time again! This time we’re taking a look at Daiquiri Cocktail Recipes Through History and we’ll make, try and compare Old Vs New of this refreshing summer cocktail. First one was the same drink that was (or is said to have been) made by Jennings Cox, the second recipe is a classic blended version from Havana, Cuba, the same as it is still prepared at El Floridita, and the last one is shaken, made with lime super juice and white rum with a higher ABV – exactly how I like this Cuban sour cocktail the most! Sit, relax and enjoy this masterclass about the history of the Daiquiri! I hope you will learn something new!

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0:00 Jennings Cox & Intro
0:56 Who first made the Daiquiri?
3:43 Making the 1898 Daiquiri
4:30 El Floridita Daiquiri
5:30 Making the 1937 Daiquiri
6:22 Frozen Daiquiris, Super Juice, Diplomatico Planas
7:20 Making the 2022 Daiquiri
8:16 Tasting Notes
9:18 Hemingway and Cocktail Time Patrons

The team behind this video:
Robi Fišer
Sašo Veber
Phantom hand

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