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DIY Samgyupsal w/ 6 Side Dishes [P1,500 Budget Good for

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For this weekend’s project, we prepared an easy to make Korean BBQ with 6 side dishes! This entire set costs only P1,471 and can be enjoyed by 5-6 people. This set includes:

– Marinated Pork + Beef
– Braised Baby Potatoes (Gamja Jorim)
– Scallion Salad (Pa Muchim)
– Radish and Carrot Salad (Musaengchae)
– Bean Sprout Salad (Kongnamool)
– Japchae
– Kimchi
– Melted Cheese Dip

Here are the ingredients and their prices:
450g Beef Samgyupsal – 189
550g Pork Samgyupsal – 210
250g Chapchae Noodles – 70
250ml Fresh Milk – 40
165g Eden Cheese – 54
100g butter – 31
200ml Datu Puti Vinegar – 8
200ml Dati Puti Soy Sauce – 10
Salt – 5
1/2 Brown Sugar – 25
50g Ground Black Pepper – 37
170g Saam Jang – 110
80ml Sesame Oil – 108
Sesame Seeds – 25
50g Black Fungus Muhsroom – 55
50g Dried Mushroom – 60
Kimchi – 108
2 large carrots – 25
1 large radish – 15
1 medium sized bell pepper – 20
3 pieces egg – 21
all purpose flour – 40
500g baby potatoes – 40
bean sprout – 25
1 large scallion/onion leeks – 20
lettuce – 120
Total – 1,471

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DIY Samgyupsal w/ 6 Side Dishes [P1,500 Budget Good for
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