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Easy healthy desserts – – When we think of easy healthy desserts fruit cups, gelatos, sorbets, fruit salads or fresh fruit come to mind. Not exactly exciting and these desserts are probably high in sugar. You wouldn’t think of mouth-watering chocolate brownies, chocolate chip cookes or vanilla cupcakes, would you? Well, you can with great ingredients like gluten free coconut flour, virgin coconut oil to replace butter and shortening and low glycemic coconut sugar or stevia. Calorie and sugar laden high carb high fat desserts become heart healthy, easy desserts even kids will enjoy. Added to that, these ingredients have a ramping up effect on the metabolic rate so that these treats can be enjoyed while we continue losing weight, while on a diet. If your conscience dictates fruit desserts only, then how about a delicious apple crumble, sweetened with stevia and topped with an almond flour crumble topping. The days of dessert deprivation are over! Substituting with healthy natural ingredients is the new name of the game. So have your cake and eat it too.

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