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Traeger wood pellet grills offer a wide range of classic wood smoked flavors you’ve come to expect from the best grill in the world. From the sweet and mild tastes of Apple, Alder, and Cherry wood pellets, to the hardy taste of Hickory and spicy Mesquite, we’ve got you covered. Using a different kind of wood pellet to burn while you grill your food can give you all different kinds of subtle smoky flavors to enhance your meat. 

The secret is in the wood, on today’s Grilling Tips with Grill Guy Jeremy, we’ll teach you the difference between wood pellets and what smoky flavor goes best with what meats. Unlike other companies, Traeger wood pellet grills use clean virgin hardwood to fuel giving your food that real-hardwood taste. Other wood pellet brands often use wood that been manufactured or repurposed, with glue residue and other additives. Cooking with wood gives you the option to choose from a variety of hardwood flavors that complement the different foods you cook. Fruit woods like cherry or apple wood will give your food a sweeter flavor, while bolder woods like hickory and mesquite will have a stronger, savory smoke flavor. Become a master chef experimenting and perfecting your own recipes.

Join us every Saturday for a sample of what the Traeger can do, and we’ll take you and your taste buds to the backcountry, and beyond!

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