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Guava Cocktail Recipes! A Tasty Tropical Tiki Cocktail

In this video, I have a great Guava Cocktail Recipes for you to try. It does need a name, but for now i called it a Tropical Tiki Cocktail! Cocktails with Guava are awesome. We don’t get fresh Guava here really in the UK, so we have to make do with Guava Puree, or Guava Syrup, both of which Drinkstuff sell. For me, Guava Cocktails are bets with Rum. Rum and Guava goes together becasue they are just tropical tastes!

For this Guava Cocktail, i decided to use Havana Clubs, new Cuban Spiced Rum. But any Pineapple Rum will work a treat. This Cuban Rum though has Guava Notes, so i thought it’d be a great shout. Also i used an Orange Liqueur, Fresh orange Juice, Lime, then my Favourite bitters, Bittermens Elemakule Tiki Bitters! Let me know what you think to this guava Drink. I really do think it’ll do you proud!

Also, just a quick note to the Strahl Reusable Plastic glass. Guaranteed for a long long time! It’ll look crystal clear for years! Better still, you can’t really break them, or misshape them. Perfect for Pubs & Bars… or outdoor BBQs and Summer Parties!

Strahl Sling Glass – https://www.drinkstuff.com/search?query=Strahl
45ml Pineapple Rum
15ml Orange Liqueur
15ml Monin Guava Syrup – https://www.drinkstuff.com/products/product.asp?ID=31477
45ml Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice
15ml Lime Juice – https://www.drinkstuff.com/products/product.asp?ID=26629
Bittermens Tiki Bitters



Drinkstuff videos should give you Drinks & Cocktail Inspiration, to help you to make easy cocktails at home bar. which is perfect for bartending for beginners. The Easy Cocktail Recipes we use are as simple as I can make them for your Home Bars. I use simple Mixology skills to show you how to drink your favourite Spirits and maybe help you create your own Cocktail Recipe, which will help you on your way to make easy cocktails to make at home! These Videos should provide you with ideal bartender training.

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Hi, this is written by me, Steve the Barman. I’ve been taken on by Drinkstuff to run their YouTube Channel, which for me is an absolute honour. I love the company to bits and have traded with them for my own personal Business, and Bars that I’ve run, since 1997.

Any Reviews that I do in these videos are MY own personal opinions. If I do say something that upsets you, (I hope I never do, but IF I ever do…) then that is my own personal opinion and nothing whatsoever to do with Drinkstuff themselves. And if I ever get my facts wrong (actually probably highly likely) again that is down to me, not Drinkstuff. If I get something dramatically wrong, then as I’m a lover, not a fighter, I’ll rectify that immediately!

This also goes for any Alcoholic Brands and Mixer Brands that I use in these videos. Currently, Drinkstuff does not sell Alcohol, Bitters, or Mixers, so the products I use are purely my own personal preferences. I personally am not sponsored by ANY specific Brand on my own YouTube Channel. I do not receive any sponsorship money for any of the videos I roll out on my own channel… unless on the VERY rare occasion I decide to embark on a sponsored video, which to this date still hasn’t happened. The brands I use, I either REALLY Love, of have had a really good working relationship with, over my many years in the industry. That said, I will always do my best to point you in the right direction for other equally as awesome brands that you could substitute, should you not want to use something I’ve used.

I sole aim is to just help people have fun, give people a little drinks inspiration and mainly just entertain!

Hope that’s all cool
StB x

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