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How To Make The Incredible Hulk Cocktail

Let’s learn how to make the incredible hulk cocktail, a cocktail featuring hpnotiq and Hennessy cognac. This hpnotiq cocktail turns green (even though hpnotiq is blue) but when combined with yellowish Hennessy, you get incredible hulk colors.

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The Incredible Hulk cocktail recipe is fine for parties, has a unique “hpnotiq” flavor to it, which combines a potent vodka, floral notes and passion fruit against that of an oak aged rested spirit of cognac.

Okay, overall, the Incredible Hulk recipe is probably fine for college parties and newbie drinkers, but I can’t say this would be the cocktail recipe I’d choose for an event or to highlight cognac as a mixer. Honestly, I’m not 100% sold on why someone would buy hpnotiq to build out this recipe and, overall, the blend isn’t exactly the most tasty of spirits.

However, there is a subculture of hpnotiq fans and no doubt incredible hulk cocktail recipe fans so we won’t press our opinion on you too much…yet, at the same time… it’s a very potent spirit-forward drink with no juices or overall redeeming qualities.

But, it’s the Incredible Hulk, so you got that going for you…

The Incredible Hulk
– 2 oz Hpnotiq
– 2 oz. Hennessy / Cognac

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