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TYPICAL FRENCH MEALS IN A DAY: how French people eat

Typical French meals in a day: how French people eat to stay thin.
Are you wondering how the French eat to stay thin? Want to know what the French eat in a day?

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In this video, I’m going to show you a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner that we eat as a French family, and give you some general information about the type of meals French people have!
This will help you see how French people eat and hopefully give you some meal ideas and tips to apply to your own way of eating. I’ll also give some general information about typical French meals and talk about the French way of eating. There will also be some information on the French diet vs American diet.
Hopefully, you’ll find these French eating tips to be helpful!

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Typical and traditional French meals:
How to create a healthy plate:
How French women don’t get fat:

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