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Every busy mom has done it. Began cooking dinner with hopes of making angel hair pasta with an easy meat sauce. She began cooking only to realize she was out of meat and there is no way she is packing up several little ones and running to the grocery store now. So, what does she do? She makes due with what she has in front of her. She proceeds with her pasta with a red sauce and no meat in it. It, no doubt, turns out to be very tasty and the family enjoys the meal. This is the same thought process that goes into meatless meal planning, you will just leave out the meat!

The best thing a vegetarian can do is to go through the recipes that they currently have on hand. These are no doubt their favorites anyway. Now imagine how they will look or taste without the meat in the them. Some may not even matter, like for instance, beef stew. Now you simply call it stew. Maybe you might want to add some extra vegetables for some additional color or flavor. It will still be tasty and all will enjoy it. Continue through your recipes and this will now be your base for your meatless meal planning adventure. And, it is an adventure but the reward is that you will now be cooking meatless which is what you, no doubt want anyway.

Many recipes can be modified by simply replacing the meat with vegetables or beans, these meals are still very filling and delicious-and much more healthy! Try experimenting with some of your current recipes and see how they turn out.

You may also look online for new foods ideas. There are many websites that offer health advice, and healthy vegetarian recipes so that you can well-balanced meals without eating meat.

– Becki Andrus has all the information you need about healthy eating habits. Visit her website and find out how you can implement easy, small steps to improve your health and have more energy:

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