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6 Healthy Lauki Breakfast Recipes | Weight Loss

Regarded as one of the healthiest vegetable, bottle gourd or Ghiya or lauki or doodhi in India is a powerhouse of nutrients and health benefits. High on water and rich in vitamins and minerals & antioxidants. Hence, today I will be sharing not just one or two but 6 Healthy Breakfast Recipes using Lauki. However, you can also enjoy these recipes for lunch or dinner. They are very easy to make & very difficult from your usual Lauki dishes.

1. Lauki Jau/barley Paratha -00:40
2. Lauki ka Dosa – 2:48
3.Lauki Oats porridge – 4:44
4. Lauki ka Dhokla -6:18
5. Lauki ka Chilla – 9:23
6. Lauki ka juice – 11:33

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6 Healthy Lauki Breakfast Recipes | Weight Loss
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