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Chole Bhature Recipe (using Yeast) Indian Breakfast Recipes @ Guru’s

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Chole Bhature Recipe is a North Indian delicacy under indian breakfast recipes, served usually with Chana Masala or Chole Masala as a side dish with mango / green chilli / amla pickle, and relish Chole Bature Recipe

Chole Bhature Recipe (Breakfast Recipes)


500 gms All Purpose Flour
300 ml Water (Luke Warm)

02 Tsp Sugar
02 Tsp Active Dry Yeast
01 Tsp Salt
1/2 Tsp Baking Powder
01 Tbl spoon Olive Oil

01 Litre Cooking Oil

Chana Bhature Recipe (Breakfast Recipes)

Cooking Instructions :

1) Take a bowl to which you add luke warm water, the water should neither be too hot nor at room temperature.

2) To test the water, submerge your finger in the water, and you should be comfortable keep it there, it shouldn’t be too warm.

3) Add sugar to the bowl and mix it all with the water, until the sugar dissolves completely.

4) Add Active dry yeast to the bowl and wait for 7 minutes, or until the solution smells like beer.

5) Now keep this bowl aside and grab another bowl to which you add All purpose flour (maida), salt and baking soda.

6) Pour the Yeast, water and sugar mixture now to this bowl and knead this mixture using your hands or a whisk.

7) Add olive oil or any other vegetable oil and knead again, leave aside for 5 minutes to allow the gluten to create.

8) After 5 minutes now the dough will be even more softer, now on a plank sprinkle little all purpose flour and knead dough for 10 minutes.

9) Smear a little olive oil on your palm and rub it over the dough, and grab a clean and dry bowl sprinkle little oliver oil to the inside.

10) Drop the dough to this bowl and cover with a cling film and keep aside for atleast 2 hours at a dry and warm place.

11) After two hours your dough will bloat up in twice the size, squeeze it to release all the trapped air, and grab a handful to make round balls.

12) This dough ball you roll into a flat bread using a rolling pin and make it into a round or elongated shape.

13) In a wok/vessel/kadhai add enough oil to deep fry these bhature cooking at a medium flame, the bhatura’s will inflate in no time.

14) Serve hot the hot chole bhature recipe with chana masala as a side dish, enjoy 🙂 indian breakfast recipes

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Chole Bhature Recipe (using Yeast) Indian Breakfast Recipes @ Guru’s
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